10 April 2012

Jennifer Lawrence Kissing Lana Del Rey

 Ι came across these AWESOME pictures and just had to share them. What we have here is Lana Del Rey, the seriously pretty hipster indie singer (who I only heard about after her disastrous "Saturday Night Live" performances a little while ago), kissing - supposedly according to several on-line sources - red hot "The Hunger Games" star Jennifer Lawrence! Why are they sharing the intimate smooch for the cameras exactly? I don't know. No idea. Not a clue. At the end of the day though, ours is not to question why - but just to enjoy the moment right?  But... do you really think that's Jennifer lip-locked with Lana?

UPDATE: Some internet sources - mainly Lana Del Rey fans - are saying that the girl Lana is so very passionately kissing is actually her sister - not Jennifer Lawrence. And that these pictures are for an art project her sister was doing - they are supposedly recreating a scene from the excellent film "Gia" that starred Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Mitchell. Again, these sources are not 100% reliable - so - you'll still have to make up your own mind. For my part - I don't know if it makes the enjoyment of the views better or worse to think its Jennifer Lawrence she's making out with or her own sister...

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